1. This week it’s mostly music on the Audio Imposition.  Give a listen.

    Captain Planet, “In The Gray”
    Gia Re` featuring Shaggy, “Hypnotized”
    Red Eye HiFi, “No Rest”

    The Blue Minkies, “Helena (Live)”
    The Blue Minkies, “Hopelessly Devoted To You (Live)”
    Susan, “Frenchie”
    Börn, “Holdfangin”
    Austin Corona, “This Cancer”

    Par O Mona, “Part 1”
    Par O Mona, “Part 2”
    Tig Bitty, “Pussay Bang!”
    Alma Construct, “Imagine Them”

    playlounge, “BORRD”
    The Wrong, “[Untitled}”
    Gouge Away, “Enough.”

  2. Cats Hate Cops zine.  I grabbed this from Pete’s Mini-Zine Fair this weekend from Research and Destroy and I feel like an absolute idiot for not buying more of their stuff.  This is super great.  I wrote it up w/ pictures for Impose yesterday.  Give a read.

    Every page is fascinating.  There are a number of articles of cats with rabies / hydrophobia attacking people before the constabulary are called to dispatch the foul beast, there are tales of cops shooting cats (one where a cop needs five bullets and suffers mockery at the hands of the gathered children for his inability to kill the cat), tales of cats attacking a mayor, cops attacked by cats when they go to serve writs on crazy cat ladies.  When the stories on the page aren’t about cats attacking cops, there’s stories of cats and hens forming socialist collectives, packs of wild cats stealing janitor’s dinners on 80th St, and even the incidental stuff is amazing.


  3. Blue Minkies, About Whom You’ve Never Heard

    My writing had slowed down a bit because I was working on the longest piece I’ve ever written for impose.  I found a band called Blue Minkies on bandcamp and was immediately smitten and had to find out more about this seemingly “lost” Brighton band which had uploaded its music to Bandcamp in advance of a few “reunion” (more accurate to say “reactivation” as they didn’t physically split) dates. 

    I hit up our editor to make sure that I could write about them and when I was given the OK, I tracked down the band and got in contact with them and they were kind enough to answer a few questions.

    From there I did a lot of searching to try to find out as much as I could to round out the article. 

    I’m mostly happy with how everything turned out.  If it were a more traditional interview I’d have probably gotten a bit more out of it, but unfortunately the time difference put a bit of a dampener on that.

    Anyway, check the article here.  I have a few ideas about more stuff coming.

    That first EP, There’s A Little Bit of Whore in Every One of Them, was ripped from an old cassette tape and while it wasn’t mastered or restored to crisp perfection, it was immediately addicting. Breathy chants of Betty Bontempy, Jonny 2Shoes and Jimmy Bullet lead to a simple organ, guitar, bass combo and a simple tap-tap drum part as all three band members confess their love for Helena, which wallops you upside the head and, like a pop Pavlov pooch, your hips are already swinging by the time the chorus come in. There’s an amazing naiveté in the songcraft in their first EP.  Some songs almost sound closer to children’s television songs than pop anthems. Pop in style but punk in attitude (not Pop Punk as genre, no Ramones / Five Seconds of Summer here) in under seven minutes with nonsense lyrics “she don’t speak English she only speaks balloon,” and band poet Jimmy’s spoken word interludes and songs about being sick of boys and just wanting to be left alone. Pretty much universal themes from the teenage life experience canon. Even with what would normally be strikes against it, the release has got the same manic energy that finds yourself dancing in a bar with mismatched socks preparing a litany of excuses as to why you can’t go to work the next day.

    Give a read, but more importantly give a listen.  The internet can be an amazing beast at times.


  4. I really enjoy this band and I’m very happy that this tape came out so well.  It’s really different from many of the other Godmode releases (not  an obvious dance or dance-adjacent album).  If I had to assign a genre to this maybe “gypsy pop” (though that label seems somewhat problematic).  I’ve been jamming out “Kingdom of Beauty” on the radio show and have even included it in the most recent episode which was our Best of 2014 so far.

    Anyway, give this a listen.  I really dig it.

    (Source: entergodmode / GODMODEINTERNET)

  5. perfectpussyband:

    another flyer for Brooklyn

    Best bands.  Go to this if you can.

  6. Goddamn, this is just lovely all around.  Nice horns, nice bass, great vocals.

  7. I wrote about the Grubs Flexi which is being put out by aloemusic in the US and coolyrblog (Cool Your Jets) in the UK / EU and you can read about this fun little release on impose by clicking here.

    The super group (or side-project with three sides… so a triangle) has just released a two song flexi-disc. The single is a joint release by Aloe Music (who is handling the US release) and Cool Your Jets (handling the UK/EU side of things). It’s a short little bit of jangle pop perfect for summer time road trips, with both songs lasting less than three minutes. The first track, “Dec. 15″, features a sun baked chorus that even mentions swimming pools before the track build to its final emotional moments. The second track, “Gym Shame”, shows similarity in sound, structure, and tone, while the lyrics  promise that “they’ve been working out all day.” If they’re too afraid to tell us like they claim, it doesn’t matter, because this is another short tight little ditty and you already know half the words to the song.


  8. Listen/purchase: Be Cool by DARK TIMES
    This is so ridiculously cool.

  9. Photo I took of Downtown Boys at Death By Audio used in an article on them by New Orleans mag Antigravity.  You can read the full article here.

  10. Oh hey, that Faceplant write up / lamentation I did is one of the 5 most popular posts on Impose.


  11. Los Cripis -” All My Friends Are Dead”

    Last week while you were drunk on liberty and setting fire to questionable objects in the name of patriotism, Los Cripis released their fourth album since 2011 and their first on someone else’s label.

    If you’re unfamiliar with Los Cripis, it’s probably not your fault. The Argentinean band has mostly played South American or Europe on the strength of their spare, catchy bedroom rock built up in their own DIY studio and released on their own DIY label, Fariscal Records. Los Cripis Long Play, their fourth, is their best sounding work to date. Vocals and instruments are cleaner and the low end has a nice punch while the highs are very crisp. Even with this sonic enhancement, Los Cripis still have the hand-crafted sensibility found on their earlier recordings. Compare this sound to the EP Goldfish which you may remember from Impose’s Best Cassette Releases of 2013.  It’s the same excellent music as before just with its glasses off and its hair down just in time for you to realize the one you loved was in front of your face the whole time.

    Appearing at the same time as the album was the video for “All My Friends Are Dead” whose song is less dark than you’d think, though the video features lead singer Josi murdering several people with the power of her mind. The narrative video is an excellent companion to the song. The washed-out lo-fi aesthetic captures the perfect look and feel of underground postwar film and even though it’s a violent fantasy, it’s more Cassavetes than Andy Milligan. Check out the video above, and you can stream the entire album below.

  12. I just want to find good music and talk about it.
    I need to develop a more sophisticated way to do that, a deeper lexicon that tries to act on emotions rather than trying to rely on journalistic ways of discussing things which I like on a purely metaphysical level.

    Anyway, new piece up on Impose today.

    There is something wonderful about finding music that impresses you with no expectations. Melkbelly fell into our laps while trawling for new sounds and their combination of warm midwest AM radio-friendly “howdy, ya’ll” with that colder, harder-edged Albiniverse “fuck you” makes for excellent songs that intertwine different musical traditions into new forms. Though it has elements of both post-punk and country twangs, it’s not cowpunk; no prodigal grandsons of Grand Ole Opry striking out on their own whiskey fueled benders. Nah, this is closer to the sounds you’ll find in bands like Joanna Gruesome than Mojo Nixon.

  13. Regardless of the quality, what bleeds through sonic limitations is that these are good pop songs. The four tracks range from wistful, tender love songs to pogo anthems about sex that make you want to pogo around your room.  All four of these well-crafted songs have hooks done so well, you find them stuck in your head hours later. The great delivery by the dual vocals by Amy Mattox and Blaise Bayno-Krebs hop around as they growl, squeal, chant, harmonize and clash against each other. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s angry, it’s great and then suddenly, it’s over.

    Became mildly obsessed with this band’s limited output over the past week or so to the point that as soon as “Red Vines” would start to come to an end, I would immediately dig my phone out and hit the back button to start it over.  This is some very good music.  Please give the full write up a read and listen on Impose

  14. gougeawayfl:

    If you could help us spread this around, that would rule. 

    www.gougeawayfl.bandcamp.com / www.facebook.com/gougeawayfl

    www.nopeacehc.bandcamp.com / www.facebook.com/nopeacehc

    Hey, so Gouge Away is a band I found while trolling the internet and they make some dope hardcore.  You may have heard “Disease” on the radio show when we had Suzy X on back in June.  I’m going to try to hit this show up when it rolls through Brooklyn.

  15. I wrote up these psychopaths yesterday for Impose.

    Just like the recipe prepared in the video, the song has all of the proper ingredients to make a healthy meal. Lyrics delivered at the top volume with no regard for clarity or audience understanding, a trumpet, a rhythm section that kicks you in the butt until you dance, and a slow romantic interlude for you to grab your partner of choice and get close right before everything hits again and you come to realize you’ve just been dancing with a giant corndog the entire time and, baby, you’re the mustard.

    Jump up, body rockin dessert punk from the desert, punk. Rocket from the Chucklehut, Murder City Desi Arnaz, The Mighty Mighty Lenny Brucetones, you get the idea. Check out the video and then give a deep listen to the insane ramblings of Playboy Manbaby’s Bummeritaville in full below. It’s probably best if you set a safeword first, because it can get weird quick.