1. Run the Jewels at Webster Hall
    Kool AD at Webster Hall
    Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire at Webster Hall
    Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire at Webster Hall
    Despot at Webster Hall
    Despot at Webster Hall
    Killer Mike at Webster Hall
    Despot with Run the Jewels at Webster Hall
    Killer Mike takes a photo of Chest Rockwell during Run The Jewels at Webster Hall


    Photos of Kool AD, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Despot, El-P, Killer Mike plus Run The Jewels (which is the rap duo of El-P and Killer Mike) performing their final show of their first tour at New York City’s Webster Hall are now available on Impose Magazine and Flickr.

    The Amazing Edwina Hay comes through again.


  2. Edwina is photographing Run The Jewels for Impose Magazine so Eric is joined by super special guest host PremRock!

    PremRock opened up about his past, the grind of independent hip hop artists and he lays out his rules of making it.

    Twitter @PlanetPremRock

    Facebook PremRock

    BandCamp Planet PremRock

    www Planet PremRock

    Opening Set
    Big Ups - Goes Black
    HSY - Milk Chug
    Mallwalkers - Future Shock
    The Whoevers - Hey!
    Jeru The Damaja - Solar Flares
    Serengeti - Bang Em
    Vic Spencer & Sulaiman - Plenty More
    Jay Diem - NY ft Daniel Brown
    TyQuan Sounds - Parabolic Antennas
    Shy Glizzy - I Am DC
    PremRock Speaks Part 1

    Curly Castro - The Spook Who Sat By the Door
    Quelle Chris - Addition Cycles (feat Cavalier)
    Cult Favorite - God Body
    PremRock Speaks
    PremRock and Talpis - Saxophones Play
    Chance The Rapper - Juice
    Prodigy And Alchemist - Curb Your Dog

  3. wearebigups:

    "Big Gulps" - via Eric Phipps of Impose

    <3 Blingee

    Still my best band portrait.

  4. Zilla Rocca @ Project Parlor

    Brooklyn 8/10/13

    Full Set on Impose Magazine later this week


  5. This week on the Impose Magazine Radio Show; PremRock!

    This week the Impose Magazine Radio Show will feature PremRock!  His  album Mark’s Wild Years is built as a tribute to Tom Waits and he’ll be taking over the playlist and will also answer some questions from us.


  6. Mallwalkers, Posi Punk Funk for Your Trunk and Junk

    It’s Taryn Alper's fault.  She would send these photos of Mallwalkers and I would look at them and have no idea what the hell was going on, but it sure looked  like an amazing time.

    I checked out their videos and a few live performances on youtube and it only really added to the mystique.  A band in Buffalo operating in the punk scene with a horn section that was making fun, danceable music with an unabashedly posi vibe threading the needle between earnest and cheese, and it is easier for a woman in an ice cream sandwich costume to dance through the eye of a needle than it is for a punk to let down his guard and dance.  Or something.

    I’ll clean that up in the edit.

    Regardless, Mallwalkers were on a tour and they were playing LuLu’s in Brooklyn and I was absolutely not going to miss this.

    Guys, Taryn’s photos don’t really do justice to the absolute joy that is the Mallwalker’s experience.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get 10 people in a band to play cramped bars where you can’t fit everyone on the stage (if there IS a stage) and belt out these jams for punk rock kids.

    I’m probably selling punk rock kids short because I go in for serious punk made by people who can properly pronounce French names and who only dance waiting in line at Death By Audio.  I’m certain I’ve seen people move rhythmically at Lemuria.

    Mallwalkers were a lot of fun.  They fit the everyone who wasn’t singing on the stage at LuLu’s while the dancer / toaster / cheerleader moved didn’t stop moving for the entire set.  They didn’t have enough microphones, so when someone wasn’t singing they were handing them off to other members of the band for their solos or harmonies.

    They blew through six or seven high tempo songs which by the end had the audience dancing with the band before Mallwalkers formed a human pyramid to cap the whole thing off and I had a stupid silly grin on my face the entire time.  Shit ruled.  Check them out if you can.

    I may have gone crazy and bought literally one of everything they had for sale.


  7. Anonymous asked: Would you happen to know if The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn allows dSLRs without photo passes? Thanks

    Yes, they do.  They’re fairly laid back about that in my experience.


  8. Impose Magazine Radio Show 8/7/13

    This week the Impose Magazine Radio Show featured a special guest host and DJ, Erick Bradshaw H of Family Curse and Golden Error.  I first saw Erick when Family Curse opened up the Pygmy Shrews album release party for their final album (along with Pop 1280 and Pampers!).  I was immediately taken in with the rough, rhythmic take on post punk with a front man who flailed around like a methed up top.  They didn’t have any music out at that point, but I was immediately into it.  For weeks afterwards I found myself singing “juuuuuuuuullllliiaaaaa" in that drawn out way that Erick had for that song.  It was a hell of a lot of fun and we kept running into each other at shows in that Williamsburg way that makes the huge city seem tiny.  As Erick has been a long time fixture of this scene, has contributed to magazines such as Terminal Boredom, maintains a blog for writing and has a record collection full of stuff which I’ve probably never even heard of, it just made sense to get him on the show to talk and play music and just generally hang out.

    I’m glad he said yes.  So give a listen to this totally entertaining episode of the Impose Magazine Radio Show with special guest Erick Bradshaw H.

    As always you can find us at twitter.
    Eric @kotgb
    Edwina @threeminuterule
    Erick Bradshaw H and Family Curse can be found on Bandcamp and Facebook

    Opening Set
    Dustin Wong – The Big She
    Shark? – AOK
    Best Friends – Happy Anniversary
    WRITER – I Make Neon
    Summer Cannibals – Hey I Was Saved
    Diarrhea Planet – Babyhead
    Andre Williams – Agile, Mobile, and Hostile
    TREE BLOOD – 90s Rocker Girls
    Family Curse – Memory Sickness

    [Chat with Erick]

    set by Erick Bradshaw H of Family Curse
    the go to beds – new york swagger
    Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You
    DNA – Blonde Redhead
    Pere Ubu – Street Waves
    Pressler-Morgan – You’re Going to Watch Me
    The Electric Eels – Spin Age Blasters

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday 8/8
    Hunx & His Punx, Chain and the Gang, Juan Wauters with Carmelle @ 285 Kent
    Shuggie Otis @ metro tech at noon
    Titus Andronicus, Ducktails, Juan Wauters with Carmelle @ pier 84 free @ 5pm
    RatKing, Kinetics & One Love, Adrian Lau, Alpsko, G4SHi, Trap Ciudad @ Studio at Webster Hall
    brick mower, deep pockets, Mallwalkers, outta gas @ lulu’s (free)
    The Julie Ruin, Petal War @ Union Pool (sold out – but can win a pair of tickets from the band. Go to http://www.thejulieruin.com/contest to enter)

    Friday 8/9
    MINKS, spires, Green eyes @ glasslands
    noun (Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females), modern hut (Joe of Don Giovanni Records), shellshag (acoustic set), worriers, mal bum @ death by audio
    clean girls, jerkagram, fuck pigs, vamanos post @ living bread deli
    shaggy, TK Wonder @ prospect park bandshell
    NYC RISES feat. Vinny Chase, Slim Dollars, Kris Kasanova, Leaf, Justin Rose, Rich P, Bills, @ Paperbox

    Saturday 8/10
    Unstoppable Death Machines, Blackie, weird womb, LIMB @ Shea stadium
    Devin, Hints, Doozies, Les Savy Fav @ Union Pool
    Major Lazer, Matt & Kim, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Rockie Fresh, Keys n Krates, Destructo @ Williamsburg Park w/ Afterparty @ MHOW

    Sunday 8/11
    Shuggie Otis, Jose James, @ Central Park Summerstage 3pm free
    Literature @ Fulton Stall Market @ 2pm free

    Monday 8/12
    Candy With Strangers is a new party put on by Kitty and Chippy Nonstop @ 285 Kent featuring Pictureplane, Heartsrevolution, Chippy Nonstop and Kitty doing a tag team performance
    PhonyPPL, The Skins @ Brooklyn Bowl

    Tuesday 8/13
    Kevin Seconds and Kepi ghoulie at Bowery Electric

    Set by Eric
    Defectors – Doomsday Girls
    La Corde – Back to Salem
    Ranx/Xerox – Basement Furniture
    Ranx/Xerox – In A Hole

    Set by Erick

    Honor Roll – Anonymous Cave
    MX80 Sound – Tidal Wave
    Coitus Int – Trap Questions
    Metabolist – Identify
    The Mudhutters – Water Torture
    A Frames – Crutches
    Diagram Bros – Bricks

  9. Hell yes.


  10. Open Mike Eagle and More at Hellgate Social

    Last Friday Open Mike Eagle pulled together a last minute show in Astoria, Queens at Hellgate Social with the help of PremRock, billy woods and Elucid (making their debut as Armand Hammer) and Sarcasmo.  It was a night of very good hip hop and a great time.  Met a number of people i knew on the periphery of previous shows.

    billy woods and PremRock play Spike Hill with Open Mike Eagle’s label mate Milo on August 22nd.  PremRock will be a guest on the Impose Radio Show on Wed August 14th.
    I just need to get billy woods on the radio show.  That would be awesome.

    Full photo set up now at Impose Magazine.


  11. Pop 1280 In Interview Magazine

    After reading this interview with Pop 1280 I kind of just want to go to their houses and photograph their books or have them on the radio show to talk books and dark music.  They’re already named after a book of one of my favorite authors and I’ve spoken to Bug briefly about books.

    BUG: We don’t do it on purpose, it’s just because that’s something we like, so we’re influenced by it. We read sci-fi books and watch movies. I can’t remember what songs on The Horror people thought were sci-fi.

    My guess is the titles of the songs and that when they were first coming out with releases they were being described as “cyberpunk” though they didn’t quite embrace that in the sound so much as they have now.

    Of course you say “cyberpunk” as a genre and that evokes everything from synthpunk, to electroclash to uh, Billy Idol so it wasn’t a perfect descriptor, but it kind of fit for the downer synth heavy sound with song titles like “Step Into The Grid.”

    The new album is great.  I was just at their record release party this past weekend and managed to snag a limited copy of their album (lucky number 13, no less) and I’ve spent some time going through it and really like it.  “Nailhouse” and “Do The Anglerfish” are two immediate stand out tracks for me.


  12. Erick of Family Curse on Impose Magazine Radio Show Tonight

    Tonight, the singer of one of my favorite unsung Brooklyn Bands will be guest hosting on the Impose Magazine Radio Show tonight at 6PM - 8PM EST.

    It will be a rock and punk rock heavy show as Erick has promised many obscure records tonight.  I can’t wait.

  13. Open Mike Eagle. Shot for Impose Magazine.


  14. Stand Up Tall: Dizzee Rascal and the Birth of Grime by Dan Hancox

    I just wrapped this up last night.  It’s a very short (46 pages) yet in depth look at the early years of grime as a genre told through the experiences, albums, and press coverage of Dizzee Rascal.

    It’s kind of hard to believe that Boy in da Corner came out 10 years ago (July 21 2003 per Wikipedia).  I had moved on from 2 Step and UK Garage which seemed to be a victim of its own success (much like Speed Garage before it) turning everything into a kind of sped up homogenized RnB rather than the “hardcore for adults" it was when it was first being rolled out.  Even trance stalwart BT had teamed up with N*Sync to release "Pop" which was described as 2-Step.

    There was bassline garage but it was becoming more and more minimal and kind of edging towards what would eventually become dubstep and so it didn’t really interest me.  Around this time, I was lured into more breakbeat culture and began to devour the releases of Krafty Kuts and Mob Records.  My lust for dark, maximal strains were fulfilled by smaller labels like Acetate LTD who had the habit of including breaks mixes on the flips of their progressive house singles. 

    I had essentially abandoned the music which got me into DJing as it was moving into directions where I wasn’t prepared to follow.

    Then in 2003, I heard about Grime.  No one really had any information for me as the people I knew who were into 2 Step / UKG  had continued into the champagne rooms with the pop arm of the sound. It remained largely off of my radar until the release of Boy In Da Corner, which didn’t even happen until 2004 for America.

    I’m an avid music consumer, so I read a lot to keep on top of things.  The American release of Boy was surrounded by a lot of hype as offering something different to what was being played on American radio and as an alternative to the alternatives (Ugly Duckling, et al).  Boy was just amazing to me.  Brutal and minimal in places, noisy and frantic in others.  Dizzee when he would rip would become absolutely incomprehensible to my ears.  Songs like “I Love You" and "Fix Up Look Sharp" were absolute terrors to my friends and I pushed them louder and louder whether on the turntables or in my car.

    The world which spawned Dizzee was largely hidden from me.  I was an ocean away and my only information came through outlets like Mixmag who would only report the bad aspects of a culture which was almost literally not for sale where I lived.  The services i used to DL Garage mixes had vanished (RIP AudioGalaxy) or were starting to get dismantled (RIP real Napster) in the ramping up of the RIAA’s paranoid madness.

    I literally don’t think I heard another grime record for years.  I moved on to the early synthesis of indie music and dance that was being championed by acts like 2 Many DJs, Kissy Sell Out and Erol Alkan.

    Stand Up Tall by Dan Hancox was a very vital short book for me.  It contextualized early Grime in general and Dizzee Rascal in particular filling in the numerous gaps in my own knowledge of the genre.

    Dan breaks down lyrics and digs up articles and interviews to paint the council flats as the logical birthplace of this genre.  His writing on Dizzee’s earliest pirate radio performances in particular were very enlightening as I had never heard them.  The examination of the lyrics on Boy and its follow up Showtime paint a picture of a determined artist who was able to leverage some excellent opportunities to become “the UK’s first black male superstar

    Stand Up Tall is currently available on Amazon for $3 and it’s absolutely worth your time if you have any interest in early grime at all.

    A thank you to @jawnita whose conversation with Dan over twitter turned me onto the existence of the book.


  15. This week Eric flies solo and things get out of hand as he detours into some house music.

    As always you can find us at twitter.
    Eric @kotgb
    Edwina @threeminuterule

    Gunplay x Isaiah Toothtaker X Sasac – Frowning (The Hood Internet Remix)
    Chris Clarke – Beads
    Go Dreamer – Electro Phonk
    Pete Rock – 99 Bottles
    Height With Friends – Infinity Ballroom 82
    Jeremiah Jae – Seventy 8
    Jonwayne – Altitude
    GMANE – EZ Duz It ft $lash
    U-God – Zilla
    Brandon Rossi x Villa – Black Passport ft. Curtis Williams
    The Boy Illinois – White Collar ft SLV
    EDF – Yep Yep Yep
    Nutso x Bunty Beats – Galaxy of Queens (Bunty Beats Remix)
    Upcoming Shows of Interest

    Loomer – Saving Daylight
    Butter The Children – Spit It Out
    TV Ghost – Elevator
    Youthcode – Carried Mask
    Blacky II – Nimrod Expedition
    House Music Detour
    Upcoming Film Events
    Honnda – Warriors
    SeanDammit – Smoking Hard Drugs
    Formula Abstract – Pain Intensify
    Droid – Anytime Riddim
    Lenkemz & Axewound
    Bashout ft Parly B
    Assorted Dance Music Stuff